our story

Montunas is a celebration of Costa Rica and London, the homes of the women behind the brand. The first bags were made on a cattle ranch on the coast of Costa Rica 25 years ago by Elke Ruge. Balancing young children and travel, each bag was created out of a necessity for both practicality and style. She designed the bags she wanted to wear but couldn’t find, inspired by the country she loved. Today her two daughters, Amanda and Elena Hawila, have teamed up with her to share her designs with the world.

Vibrant yet classic, Montunas consists of timeless pieces with effortless style. The core designs use vegetable tanned leather that gets better with age, allowing them to be used year after year. The ambition driving all three women is to represent their lifestyle - one that can hold up between continents, trends and generations.

Foregoing fast fashion in favour of classic shapes and high quality materials, a down to earth attitude runs through each piece they create.