our buckets

Inspired by the horse feeders on the Montunas Hacienda, these buckets are no less practical. It comes with a removable pouch that you can move from bag to bag or use it on it's own for a more stripped back look.

our picnic totes

This structured tote with an oval base it is an elegant and sturdy companion. Large enough for the day but sleek enough for the evening, take it wherever you go.

Montunas means 'women from the mountains' in Spanish. Our founder, Elke, was called a little Montuna in her tomboy youth in Costa Rica. Fitting, as our family name is Montealegre which means ‘happy mountain’.

Today it is a word that is important to us on many levels. It is where we come from and who we are. It is about being real, wild, and untamed. 

We are the Montunas.


From Costa Rica to London, discover the brand's inspiration.